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Welcome to WMCbid online auction services, powered by the advanced technology of FRE – The Future of Real Estate®. FRE is a member of the LFC Group of Companies. LFC has been in the property auction business for over 40 years - the last 17 of which have been 100% online with the FRE.com website and related auction marketing program.

WestMark Commercial is client-focused and results-driven to bring the very best results to its clients. Commercial Real Estate Investments in development land, farm & ranch, apartments, hotels office, industrial, and retail are the primary drivers of any economy, and investment decisions of this magnitude require the very best advisors in the business. It’s all about professionalism, skill, and customized services, so our clients get exactly what they need. Besides being forward-thinking sales advisors, we have the right tools to provide a competitive edge, including embracing technology and providing our clients with the opportunity to accelerate their sale through the use of an online auction.

WestMark is an affiliate of TCN Worldwide which ranks as the 7th largest commercial real estate service provider with 5,000+ commercial real estate professionals serving more than 200 primary and secondary markets across 24 countries and collectively representing over $63.7 Billion in annual transaction volume.

Online auctions deliver an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process and is a free service for all TCN affiliates. Our team at WestMark Commercial has successfully used auctions for several years on a variety of different property types. Contact me to learn how you can put the power of online auctions to work for you.


Westmark Commercial | TCN Worldwide
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Marty Cleckler
Westmark Commercial | TCN Worldwide
Phone: +1 806 776 2813
Email: mcleckler@westmarkcommercial.com
FRE Auction Representative

Alisha Lange
LFC Marketing Services, Inc.
Phone: +1 949 706 6129
Email: alange@lfc.com